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Our Mission

Cruise Audiology is an independently owned, on-site, and mobile Audiology practice offering hearing and earwax removal services throughout the Hawkesbury, Penrith, and Greater Western Sydney region.

At Cruise Audiology we focus on delivering the most up-to-date and evidence-based Audiological services, with a strong emphasis on client-centred care.

We understand that hearing issues can be a very personal and complex problem. We also understand the many debilitating and hidden impacts hearing loss can have on an individual and their families.

That is why at Cruise Audiology, our mission is to work closely with client’s and their families to tailor hearing rehabilitation which directly addresses any concerns, wants, and needs that they may have. In utilising this approach, it ensures we can achieve the best outcomes for your hearing health and greatly improve your quality of life.

Unbiased Audiological advice

High quality client centred service

Collaborative and teamwork approach

Cruise Cauchi

Principal Audiologist and Director

Cruise was first introduced to the world of Audiology at a young age, having needed several sets of grommets due to recurring middle ear infections, which caused ongoing hearing loss. During this time, Cruise required routine trips to see his Audiologist for routine testing and treatment. After seeing the benefits Audiology had on his own life, as well as other family members who also suffer from hearing loss, this sparked the journey for Cruise to become an Audiologist himself.

Cruise has undergone five years of education in Audiology having completed his Bachelors of speech, hearing and language science followed by the Master of Clinical Audiology at Macquarie University.

After completing his studies, Cruise went on to complete his clinical Internship and is now a fully accredited and qualified Audiologist through Audiology Australia.

Cruise has had extensive experience working in a variety of clinical settings, including private audiology clinics, hospitals, neurology clinics, and has experience with clients of all ages.

Cruise’s vision was to operate a local clinic offering professional services and guidance, with a focus on client satisfaction and value driven care. Cruise Audiology has allowed him to develop strong relationships with his clients, and more importantly, put the client’s needs above all else.

Being a strong believer of client centred care, Cruise is committed to making the experience of hearing rehabilitation a positive and empowering experience for all those under his care.

Independently owned and operated

Empathetic, caring and a client centred approach

Outcome driven, not sales driven

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