Auditory Processing Disorder Assessment


Auditory processing disorder (APD) is a hearing deficit which is defined as a reduced capacity for the auditory system to decode and perceive speech/non-speech, in the presence of normal hearing thresholds 


In a simpler way, it is not a problem with our hearing system itself, but the way the brain interprets what we are hearing 


The main indicators of APD include difficulty hearing in noisy environments, difficulty localising sound or difficulties distinguishing specific speech sound from one another 


APD is more prevalent in children and can greatly impact their ability to learn in the classroom and communicate effectively with their families and peers 


Often APD symptoms can be misinterpreted as attentional/behavioural problems, which is why an APD assessment is important if such issues are being experienced 


Diagnosing APD is a very complex process which requires a specific test battery which focuses not only on testing hearing ability, but other important cognitive processes like attention and memory 


We offer a fully comprehensive APD test battery for ages 7 and up which includes a detailed report on the results and further recommendations (if necessary) 

Fully comprehensive hearing test battery

Non-hearing factors like attention and memory are assessed

Detailed report and recommendations provided

Suitable for ages 7 and onwards

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