Child Diagnostic Hearing assessment


Healthy hearing is incredibly important for children for developing age-appropriate language milestones and communication skills


Signs of hearing loss in children tend to look like the following:

  • Need the television or phone/tablet device to be turned up louder
  • Not responsive or inattentive to sound
  • Find it difficult to detect where sound is coming from
  • Delayed speech and language development for their age


If the above is observed, it may a be a good idea to get your child’s hearing checked


Child hearing assessments involve a thorough case history on relevant information which may contribute to your child’s hearing loss


A combination of hearing tests which test the outer, middle, and inner ear are then performed to determine the type, degree, and configuration of your child’s hearing


For children aged above 3 years, special adjustments are made to the hearing test to make it more engaging for the child (i.e., when a sound is heard a play response such as putting a toy into a box is completed instead of pressing a button)


Necessary referrals are then made to relevant healthcare/medical professionals depending on the results obtained


An audiological report is then made which we can send to your child’s GP or your email directly (physical copies can also be provided)

Fast consultation booking available

Comprehensive hearing assessment

Suitable for children aged 3 years and onwards

Rebate available through Medicare if given a referral from your GP

If you would like to book a mobile or onsite hearing test for your child, please contact us.