Custom Earplugs and Noise Protection


Cruise Audiology offers various forms of custom moulds for different purposes which are made to the client’s exact ear shape for maximum comfort/retention 


The following types of custom ear plugs include:

  • Sleep ear plugs:
  • Effective for noise reduction when trying to sleep
  • Water ear plugs:
  • Useful for swimmers or those with middle ear infections as it prevents water from entering the ear canal
  • Loud noise reduction ear plugs:
  • Useful for blocking loud environmental noises and can be used by individuals that work in heavy industrial noise, those that use firearms or attend loud concerts frequently
  • Musician ear plugs:
  • Reduces sound of music to a safe listening level without reducing the sound quality

Hard and soft ear plugs available

Fast production of custom ear plugs

High quality impression materials

To book in an appointment for custom ear plugs and noise protection, please contact us.