Ear Wax Removal


Getting your ears checked for earwax is recommended if the following is experienced:

  • Feeling of fullness in either ear
  • Notice a recent drop in hearing
  • Ringing or buzzing in the ear


Methods of earwax removal include micro suction, ear irrigation, and mechanical removal 


Earwax removal via micro suction involves using a suction device which acts as a low intensity vacuum to suck out ear wax (no water is put into the ear) 


Ear canals will be thoroughly examined to determine the type of earwax and most suitable method to remove the wax 


Earwax will first be softened, and the earwax removal performed 


A video otoscope is used to take an image of the ear canal before and after the ear wax removal process, so you can see the results for yourself 

Fast, safe, and efficient procedure

Full certification to conduct all forms of earwax removal

Suitable for ages 3 and older

Advanced and portable equipment 

If you would like to book a mobile or onsite earwax removal, please contact us.