Hearing aids for adults


Hearing loss is a debilitating communication condition that can detach one from their family and friends, resulting in social isolation and a reduced quality of life 


Depending on many factors such as the type, degree, and configuration of the hearing loss, combined with the specific hearing deficits experienced, certain hearing aids will be recommended which will maximise hearing outcomes 


An appointment can then be booked where the specific hearing aids are fitted which are tailored to your hearing profile. You will also be taught how to maintain and use the features specific to your hearing aids


A follow up appointment is then organised to perform any fine-tuning to the hearing aids and resolve any concerns since the initial fitting 


A 30 day trial period is provided with each hearing aid fitting, to ensure they are meeting all your hearing needs  

All hearing aid styles can be provided including behind the ear and in the ear custom devices

Different technology levels of hearing aids available which can suit your lifestyle, budget, and specific hearing needs

Choice of rechargeable or battery hearing aids

Wide selection of hearing aid manufacturers can be recommended which best suit your hearing needs

30-day hearing trials are available

Clients funded through the Hearing services program (HSP) have an option to go with fully subsidised hearing devices or partially subsidised hearing devices.

To book in a consultation for hearing aids, please contact us.